Code of Respect

Dr. Sarita Verma

A Message from Dr. Sarita Verma

At NOSM University, we are coming together to create a culture of diversity, inclusion, respect, social accountability and wellness. We have recently launched a School-wide movement grounded in respect which we hope can ignite a positive cultural change that reaches beyond our individual organizations and into our communities. The possibility of change, for our School and the profession, lies within each of us; in the language we use, the values we aspire to, the curriculum we create, the way we express ourselves, the way we make decisions—not only who is at the table, but who feels safe to speak truthfully and see themselves reflected in the decisions being made at that table.

To truly prepare our learners to care for people in our communities, we must model being a compassionate and socially accountable members of our school. If we can embrace and learn from our differences—race, gender identities, abilities, backgrounds, beliefs, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and our infinite number of inherent and acquired traits—we can truly respect one another.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of NOSM University. As a member of the NOSM community, you are a part of the School’s mission to improve the health of Northern Ontarians by being socially accountable in our education and research programs and advocating for health equity.

As we work together to accomplish our mission, we hope the Code of Respect will provide guidance and helps us all to create the future we all deserve.


Dr. Sarita Verma 
Dean, President and CEO, NOSM 


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Innovative Education and Research for a Healthier North.


To improve the health of Northern Ontarians by being socially accountable in our education and research programs and advocating for health equity.

We will realize this by:

Embedding social accountability as a core value in graduates. NOSM will be a recognized leader in rural and Northern health knowledge and will influence and advocate for policy advances in health at all levels of government.

  • Increasing research capacity and expertise in population-based health to improve advocacy and evidence-based policy in Northern Ontario. NOSM will have a positive research impact on Northern health, be known as the leader in Northern health research and increase grant and other research funding.
  • Incorporating advanced technology into curriculum and day-to-day activities of the school. NOSM will be a leader in educational excellence through its curriculum renewal, competency-based training, adaptive technology, and will meet or exceed all accreditation standards.

  • Being a strong active partner with communities in need to create a flourishing health workforce to serve the North.
  • Securing sustainable financial and human resources to deliver on our vision of innovative education and research. We will be financially sustainable by ensuring access to resources and infrastructure to sustain and grow NOSM through efficiencies and a culture of advancement.

  • Creating a sustainable working and learning environment. NOSM will have a commitment to diversity, wellness and respect for faculty, staff and learners.

Code of Respect

NOSM's Code of Respect is also available in a PDF document.


Commitment Statements

NOSM University commits to: 

Making decisions rooted in respect, tempered by compassion, anchored in integrity, and aligned with the values, mission, and mandate of NOSM University.

We will do this by: 

  • Building trust 
  • Acting with kindness 
  • Listening to understand 
  • Respecting differences 
  • Valuing transparency 
  • Upholding accountability

Supporting equity and working to eliminate social injustice.

We will do this by: 

  • Calling out discrimination in its many forms 
  • Acknowledging the inequities deeply embedded in the fabric of society 
  • Actively working to dismantle systemic forms of oppression, racism, and colonialism

Fostering safe and healthy work and learning environment.

We will do this by: 

  • Prioritizing psychological safety 
  • Supporting, and upholding linguistic rights and cultural safety 
  • Working to ensure that the culture and curriculum at NOSM University meets the needs of all learners, faculty, and staff through a process of decolonization

Supporting sustainability.

We will do this by: 

  • Recognizing environmental sustainability as intrinsic to the health of Northern Ontario and part of the University’s mandate 
  • Incorporating principles of environmental sustainability into our planning, policy, and decision-making 
  • Supporting the reduction of individual environmental footprints across the NOSM University community 
  • Working to reduce our environmental impact and promote positive changes