Spiritual Wellness

While there are varying ways to define spirituality, one of the more common definitions is “to seek a connection to something bigger than the self.”

Religion is one of many ways we, as humans, express our spirituality. Still, it is not the only way to do so. Other examples of spiritual activities may be connecting with nature or art, or practicing things like meditation or yoga.

Yet another way to express spirituality may be to contribute to something that matters deeply to you, such as volunteering for a cause.

Spirituality can be personal, or shared with a community of people. Whichever way you experience spirituality, NOSM University aims to support you in spiritual wellness.

Wellness rooms
Book NOSM University’s Wellness Rooms for a quiet space to pray or connect with your spirituality. You can schedule time in the Wellness Room by contacting an LAO on your campus.

Thunder Bay Wellness Room: MS 2001A
Sudbury Wellness Room: MSE 100D

Observances and religious holidays
NOSM University hosts a list of Observances and Religious Holidays on the Important Dates webpage. The Important Dates page also contains information on arranging to take time off to observe holidays.

Prepare for your placements
If you are heading to a placement soon, research ahead to see if your community has religious or spiritual services that meet your needs. If not, create a plan to stay in touch with your spirituality while away from your usual network.

Indigenous cultural rooms
Indigenous medical learners can use the Indigenous Cultural Room on either campus as needed.

Thunder Bay: MSW 2015
Sudbury: HSERC 138A