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NOSM University is committed to fostering healthy, safe, and supportive learning and working environments.

Take the time for self-inquiry and reflection. Understand the School’s policies and procedures and how they support our vision to spark a School-wide movement that fosters respect and kindness. We encourage you to become familiar with the key elements of these policies as they help create ideal conditions for a higher functioning, more innovative learning and work environment.

"I know we (and especially I) are not perfect, but by leading through kindness and respect we can create value as a medical school and an institution that establishes a clear understanding of who we are and what we expect from our learners, staff and faculty. I am not talking about random acts of kindness, but intentional leadership. I am talking about leadership with good intention and wanting to do the best by our stakeholders and all partners. So I ask you: What do kindness and respect mean to you? How do you see it playing out in others and how do you do it yourself? Kindness is expressed in compassion, generosity, courtesy, graciousness, hospitality, patience, understanding, heart, tact, and thoughtfulness. The opposite of kindness is animosity, indifference, selfishness, and thoughtlessness. After the past few days, I will work harder not to do the opposite of kindness. I hope you will join me...Together, we will create a culture of kindness, respect, diversity, inclusion, and social accountability at NOSM."

Dr. Sarita Verma, Dean, President, and CEO Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Training Resources

Creating a culture of kindness is everyone’s responsibility.

The best tool for creating change is education.

Training Video: NOSM University Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination, & Harassment

Tools for Educators

Call it out: Racism, racial discrimination, human rights

What is/is not learner mistreatment?

Human Rights 101: The Ontario Human Right Code

The Code, accommodation, and undue hardship

Examples of accommodation