Tools for Educators

The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is committed to fostering healthy, safe, and supportive learning and working environments.

Together, we can create a culture of diversity, inclusion, respect, social accountability and wellness.

We are all potential changemakers, and we have the mutual responsibility to take action toward a culture of kindness, respect and compassion. 

 We hope that together, we can ignite a change that reaches the entire NOSM community, other Canadian medical schools and the wider medical community as a whole. 

It starts here at NOSM. It all starts with you. 


Training & Resources


What is/is not mistreatment?

The Code, accommodation, and undue hardship

Call it out: Racism, racial discrimination, human rights

Human Rights 101: The Ontario Human Right Code

Ways educators can help create a respectful workplace

NOSM Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Training Video

Practice-Based Small Group Education (PBSG-ED)

Examples of accommodation