Social and Cultural Wellness

Social wellness involves connecting with others and maintaining good and healthy relationships. Surrounding yourself with people that accept you for who you are, and maintaining solid relationships will go a long way to improve your overall wellness. As well, having a strong social support network to rely on can improve your wellness during rough patches in other areas of your life.

Cultural wellness involves accepting and celebrating the different cultures in your community and worldwide. It involves treating everyone as your equal, with respect, no matter their race or ethnicity. Cultural wellness is about building positive relationships with people of different backgrounds, genders, ages and lifestyles.

Connecting to your own cultural background, and maintaining your relationship with the traditions of your family and/or community can be an important aspect of cultural wellness. This might be especially important when you are separated by distance, or when your culture is not part of the dominant culture of the land you live on.

Address relationship challenges
If you are having an issue in any of your relationships, Homewood Health has counselling and coaching opportunities to help you work through them.  

Addressing learner mistreatment 
If you have been mistreated, do not hesitate to report it. Visit the webpage on Learner Mistreatment to learn more.

Indigenous resources
Indigenous Affairs has put together a list of resources to learn about Indigenous culture and history.

You can also subscribe to the Indigenous Affairs Calendar to keep up to date on opportunities to get involved and learn more about Indigenous cultures, such as the Knowledge Sharing Circles, which are open to all NOSM University learners and community members. 

Indigenous medical learners are always welcome to use the Indigenous Cultural Room on either campus to maintain their wellbeing. 

For information on the Friendship Centres in Sudbury and Thunder Bay, please see their respective webpages:

N’Swakamok Native Friendship Centre - Sudbury

Thunder Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre - Thunder Bay

To find Friendship Centres in another location, you can check out the Friendship Centre directory.

Francophone resources 
Francophone Affairs has put together a list of resources for French-speaking learners at NOSM University.

You can also visit the webpage on the Francophone Reference Group to learn about the FRG and their efforts to keep NOSM University connected to the Franco-Ontarians of the North.

Take part in social accountability
Learn more about NOSM University’s Social Accountability Mandate and the Okanagan Charter, and consider what these values mean to you and how to integrate them into your daily life and work practices.