Respect the Difference Use of Logo Guidelines

By bringing attention to what unites us all as people, including our many differences, Respect the DifferenceTM hopes to spark a positive shift in our learning and work cultures. 

We invite all Canadian medical schools, the medical sector as a whole, all levels of education, and organizations across Canada to join us in our movement and Respect the DifferenceTM

Please follow the guidelines below when adding our logo to your creative:

  • The Respect the DifferenceTM logo must always appear exactly as designed and must never be altered in any way.

  • The Respect the DifferenceTM logo does not need to be used in conjunction with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine logo.

  • The Respect the DifferenceTM logo consists of two elements – the graphic and the wording. These two elements must appear together as part of the full logo. Neither the graphic nor the wordmark may be used on its own without written consent from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

  • The logo may only appear in the colours as provided. When reversed or knocked out, it may only appear out of white or black. It may never appear in any other colour.

  • The height of the Respect the DifferenceTM must not appear smaller than 0.75”.

  • As the logo may not be altered in any way, the dimension of the logo will fall out proportionately from that.

  • A minimum margin of 0.25” clear space must be left around the logo.

Please contact with any questions.